Pina Berlin


Pina Berlin is a Berlin-based multi-genre singer-songwriter, performer and vocal coach.






19.05.24  PINA BERLIN BAND // 13:30
Karneval der Kulturen (Neue Pumpe Stage)

20.05.24  S-BAHN'A BIN // 15:30
Karneval der Kulturen (Neue Pumpe Stage)
24.05.24  S-BAHN'A BIN // 20:00
Xelor Kesselhaus Jazzbar (Mittelbuschweg 10, Neukölln)
22.06.24  PINA BERLIN SOLO // 20:00
Café Hermann Schulz (Finowstraße 33, 10247 Berlin)
06.07.24  PINA BERLIN & IDYLLE // 19:00
Kulturschiff Goldberg (Dischinger Brücke, Spandau)
03-04.08.24  PINA BERLIN & IDYLLE // tba
Farm Festival (Erbsbrühl Bayern)
03-04.08.24  PINA BERLIN DUO // tba
Antikmeile Suarezstraße (Charlottenburg)




Thanks everybody who came out! Hamburg and Birdland welcomed us so nicely and made us feel home! Hope to be back soon!

Here are some snippets from the beautiful evening from the eyes of a talented audience member!


Btw. I'll be back in Hamburg playing solo on the 6th of February at Freundlich+Kompetent! Join me for a solo set followed by an open stage of the most talented singer songwrites of Hamburg;)



Berlin, Hamburg, Munich here we come!
Catch us play the full album in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich with my amazing band!🧡

18.11 BERLIN // Artistania >> Event

3.12 HAMBURG // Birdland >> Tickets

26.01 BERLIN // Art Stalker >> Tickets

TBA MUNICH // Import Export >> Stay tuned

Hope to see you soon!

Love and hugs,
Pina Berlin

**Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.



RELEASE CONCERT 18.11 in Artistania!


With a beautiful support act by Blue Thyme, a full 7 piece band with amazing musicians, very special guests and after party with DJ Transition!


Aarón Castrillo (dr)
Bernhard Ludescher (p)
Felix Barth (b)
Leonie Freudenberger (sax)
Pietro Fornara (g)
Idil Naz Dönmez (bv)
Pina Berlin (voc, uke, sax, comp)
**and very special guests soon to be announced**

Tickets at the door in sliding scale of 12-20 Euro. To save the event click here.
*If you are in a difficult financial situation please reach out to me.

**Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal
Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.




'PINA BERLIN' the Album is Out!


It's the result of 15 years of dreaming, 4 years of hard work, the work and help of amazing musicians with my producer Fico Jessen coming first, a chronic illness that helped me to not to wait until I retire when I'm 65, and the help of many dear friends I am so grateful for💖 It includes 13 songs with 5 new ones except the singles you already know, including two demos in the end. I really hope you like it and that it brings sparks of hope and positivity to your day whenever you need it✨


"Auf ihrem Debüt-Album „Pina Berlin“ versammelt sie poppige Singer-Songwriter-Tracks, umrahmt von orientalischen Klängen und verträumtem Vintage-Flair im Stil alter Jazz-Standards."...." Kompositorisch überzeugt ihr Album mit verspielten anatolisch-westlichen Fusionen und der Einflechtung multi-instrumentaler Arrangements in alle Songs. Es vermittelt persönliche Identitätserfahrungen und geht mit einer stetigen Feel-Good-Note ins Ohr."

Lina Noll, Tip-Berlin



'Puppets in the Crowd' is Out!


Sometimes we just want to close our eyes and feel the emptiness, free from the chaos, violence, pain, troubles and sorrow.
I wrote this song about different kinds of people in the U-Bahn hanging from the poles in the ceiling in the morning ride, looking kind of sad and alone, hoping for a smiling face. No matter how different we are, we are cooking in the same pot and that nobody wins through violence. 

Imagine we are a whole crowd walking on Tempelhofer Feld dancing singing and playing music celebrating Berlin's acceptance and tolerance to each other, cherishing the diversity and freedom of speaking up. That wasn't long time ago. I want that Berlin back!



'My Man' is Out!


My Man reminds a time when the brasilian telenovelas and flamenco elements in pop-music were very popular in Turkey, where Pina spent her childhood. For this song the multi-genre artist clearly shows inspirations from Shakira, Thalia, Natalia Oreiro and turkish pop stars Sezen Aksu, Sertab Erener and Yasar. "When I was around 6 years old, I used to put on my flamenco skirt and dance in front of the TV watching MTV or KRAL TV."

"My Man is a song about a relationship where one side doesn't speak a lot and the other side tells herself that she can tell what he thinks to comfort herself. He fears that she will lose her and pulls himself back even more while she doesn't realise this and keeps on filling the silences, not leaving him enough room to open up. She ends up talking to her friends more about her relationship than to her partner but her friends put her back into mood. Here's to best friends listening to all of our relationship problems."


'There Is Always Hope' is Out!


This song 'came' to me with all the words and music standing on my old balcony you see in the pic in the morning of 31.7.2020. This had never happeend to me before! It was one of the lowest yet most hopeful time of my life as I took couple months off from work to work on the album but I ended up dealing with my quadruple tendonitis for the half of the time and couldn't walk for the coming 8 months:S So my inner ER doctor came to life and sang this song into my ear💛


🙏I hope this song gives power and hope to someone who needs it right now!


'Searching Time' is Out!


I wrote this song on a very busy day feeling sad about never having enough time to make music, and it speaks to me much differently after I quit my job to make music full time. I was feeling like I was living someone elses life until that point and feeling my dream that I had since my childhood was slowly fading into hopelessness and self disappointment and fear of starting over and failing. Now listening to this song created out of the pain of searching for who I forgot I wanted to be and searching for my dreams motivates me even more in some hard moments of this journey.

May you never stop dreaming and searching for yourself being yourself!


'Seven Hours' is Out!


You know that little excitement and curiosity and surprises when you meet someone and have no idea where it's gonna bring you? When you have the least expectation you find yourself opening up to this stranger and missing them and daydreaming about your future after just meeting them?
This is a song about that spark and how it can change your life in just seven hours...
You might also call it a kezban song;)

We covered  "BRING ME SOME WATER" by the great Mellisa Etheridge requested by an album supporter!


A dear supporter of the album crowdfunding had asked for a cover of this great song by Melissa Etheridge: "Bring Me Some Water". And we did it:)
Hope you enjoy it!


In the category of Adult-Contemporary.  And semi-finalists make up only 11% of all entries so it's an honor to have made it through the filter!

Second Single "DON'T HAVE TO LIE/B"

is OUT on all platforms !

We wrote this song together with multi-instrumentalist and the producer of the upcoming Pina Berlin Debut Album Fico Jessen, after almost a year of working together. It is one of those songs that came out with sudden inspiration. "Don't have to lie / B" is about the importance of communication in all types of relationships, being yourself and being in the moment. Enjoy!


Stoked to find out that my debut single 'I'll be missing you', which we filmed together with Regina Mosch, was nominated for the Palm Beach International Music Awards for the BEST MUSIC VIDEO!




Thank you so much for your support!

We started this crowdfunding campaign, to offer you some rewards and pre-order options of the album for your support. You can check out the link, where you can find these pre-order options and where we explained everything very detailed about this project and the budget we are facing. If you still want to support us and get an early copy, feel free to contact me!
THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for taking time to check it out, considering to support us and pre-ordering the album!
Love and Hugs,
Your Pina





Very excited to announce that my debut single 'I'll be missing you' is out! It's the first single from my upcoming debut album.

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